Thornton, NH Town Boards and Committees

Thornton, NH Town Boards and Committees

Board of Selectmen · Planning Board · Zoning Board of Adjustment · Capitol Improvement Committee · Hazard Mitigation Committee · Conservation Committee · Beautification Committee · Building/Evaluation Committee·

Thornton Board of Selectmen

The Thornton Board of Selectmen meet at the Thornton Municipal Building on every other Wednesday. Click here for meeting minutes and agendas....
Anyone who wished to contact a Selectman during the day may contact the Town Office at (603) 726-8168.

Current Board Members
Roy Sabourn, Chairman - 2020
Brad Benton, Selectman - 2020
Marianne Peabody - 2021
John "Jack" Gaites, Selectman - 2021

Joseph Monti, Selectman - 2022


Please see the Meeting Calendar for meeting dates and times.
All meetings are at the Municipal Building unless otherwise posted.
Additional meetings may be scheduled as needed.

Thornton Planning Board

The Thornton Planning Board meets monthly on the third Thursday at 6:00 PM at the Thornton Municipal Building. If you have questions or wish to be placed on the agenda, please contact Brian Regan at (603) 726-8168, ext. 11. Agendas can be faxed or e-mailed. Click here for meeting minutes....

Current Board Members
Steve Babin, Chairman 2021
Frank Freeman, Vice Chairman 2021
Leslie Hoyt, Member 2020
Bart Dutto, Member 2020
Donna O'Donnell, Member 2022

Peter Laufenberg, Member 2022

Brad R. Benton, Ex-Officio Member

Cynthia Schofield, Alternate
Gloria Kimball, Alternate
Fred Gunter, Alternate

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Thornton Zoning Board

The Zoning Board of Adjustment meets on an as needed basis at the Thornton Municipal Building. Contact phone number (603) 726-8168. Click here for meeting minutes...

Current Board Members
Dennis Day 2020
Joseph Monti, Alternate 2021

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Thornton Capital Improvement Program Committee

The Capital Improvement Program Committee meets on the last Tuesday of each month from May through December at 6 PM at the Thornton Municipal Building.

View past meeting minutes here....

Current Committee Members:
Bill DeLeo - Chairman/Secretary
Cynthia Schofield
Joseph Monti

Al Lewis


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Thornton Board of Hazard Mitigation

In order to prepare the population, businesses and other local facilities from natural occurring or man made hazards, The Board of Hazard Mitigation was developed. The mission of the board is to create and maintain a coordinated mitigation policy through local planning efforts, grant programs, hazard risk assessments and good flood plain management.

Current Board Members
Fire Chief D. Defossess - Campton/Thornton Fire Dept.
John Kubik - Thornton Road Agent
Marianne Peabody - Health Officer
Roy Sabourn Board of Selectmen

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Thornton Conservation Commission

NH RSA 36-A:1 - A:6

Current Conservation Commission Members (December appointments):
Al Lewis 2021
Myrtle Lewis 2019
Gerald Sobolewski 2020

John Gallagher 2021

(vacancies available)

CC Meeting Minutes:

Beautification Committee

The Town of Thornton Beautification Committee meets in May, July, September and November on the second Monday of the month at 6:00 pm to discuss areas of improvement and "beautification" to Town property and the community as a whole. The committee welcomes the public to attend, and to consider joining to promote a welcoming community, while preserving and enhancing the Town of Thornton's natural beauty.

Current Beautification Committee Members

  • Gloria Kimball
  • Gerry Gateman
  • Leslie Hoyt
  • Carolyn Piantedosi
  • Marianne Peabody
  • Julie Piehn
  • Myra Deleo
  • Kari Miller

Due to the size and detail of these maps there maybe a longer than normal download time.
Due to possible long downloads for our dial-up residents CD's can be obtained upon request at the Town Office.

Thornton Basemap 11X17 PDF
Thornton Basemap 11x17 PDF
Thornton Natural Resource Map 34x44 PDF
Thornton Natural Resource Map 34x44 PDF

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